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Phishing scheme

There is a ‘newish’ phishing scheme occurring.
If you are surfing the internet for business or personal use and you are rerouted to a browser window / pop-up, usually solid red or white, that informs you that “Microsoft has determined your computer is infected and you need to contact Microsoft immediately” and a male / female voice begins speaking reiterating this.
Do not call the number provided on the screen and DO NOT let them remote into your computer.

If you have little to no computer knowledge, please simply restart the computer.
If you are comfortable attempting an advanced tactic.
Press ctrl + alt + del
select ‘task manager’
click the ‘processes tap’
high light all available ‘iexplorer.exe’, ‘firefox.exe’ or ‘chrome.exe’
right click each of these processes and select ‘End Task’
confirm with ‘ok’

We recommend immediately running an antivirus and malware scanners you have available and let these tools clear out any infections found.

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